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I am a #boymom to KC1 and KC2, as we like to call them due to their initials. My sons have taught me a lot about self-discovery, self-care, patience, and being confident within your own self.  My daily life consists of living on 1000 + kids, who do not share me as a biological parent, however they share a special place in my heart as one of my kids.

“Ryder the Biter” is my first publication for elementary school students, educators and staff. This book highlights the importance of school counselors, special education, administrators and staff.


Ryder The Biter

Ryder is learning how to not use her teeth for biting... she seems to find it challenging when overstimulated. The hilarious, descriptive setting is written with the purpose of sharing the importance of social emotional development.

46 pages

Readers: PreK - 6 years of age

Publication date: March 13, 2020

Isabella Media Inc

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