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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Written by: Counselor Bee Oh, Mother “May” I... Amazon Must Haves

COVID-19 has demanded a complete reset on life. I’m not sure if we’re on level six of Jumanji or if we’ve been served up multiple SKIP and DRAW 4 UNO cards. Either way, life has changed for our household to online shopping. I’m pretty certain the Amazon delivery crew roll their eyes when they see a delivery for our home address.

We’re like the rest of the world, just spending time on some form of electronic device. My vice happens to be Amazon! During this time I have been able to generate themes of suggested things I’ve personally purchased from Amazon this month that contributed to my theme of Mother-May-I. This term is used in various parts of the world, in which is often referred to as Simon Says as well. Of course it depends on your region, the terminology you use. Plus... the bonus of course using the term “mother” in foreshadowing the importance of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10th.

  • Along with billions of people around the global, I’ve had to adapt to working from home. This included moving some furniture, ordering some things, and just adjusting to a new norm. Here is a wonderful candle I’ve ordered to add to my personal space and desk. It’s a great little reminder of how important it is for me to remain focused as an author and school counselor at this time. I love candles and it has such a way of setting a mood, providing an ambience, and enlightening our senses.

  • During small groups, we’ve had discussions about the importance of challenges becoming our celebrations. I’m learning how to maintain order and preparedness with being split among motherhood, being a wife, School Counselor, and author. This amazing rolling 5-drawer has been a lifesaver as I maintain a sense of order.

  • It is a bittersweet time for the Class of 2020. This includes our precious kindergarten classes, our fifth graders, seventh graders, high school graduates, and college graduates. It is not the ideal day they prepared for when thinking of their commencement. This process of sheltered in place have impacted proms, parties, birthdays, diplomas, and personal interaction. During this uncertaint, it has been essential to celebrate our graduates! Amazon provided a quick shopping experience with these two amazing gifts of the graduation keepsake frame and graduation engraved bracelet.

  • Of course these amazing every day wear... house slippers have been helpful! Zoom calls or Google TEAM meetings... can be home with it lol....

  • And the most important details for my avid bookworms! The recommendation of the amazing book: “The Proudest Blue.” This wonderful story can be used during this time to educate your children on the importance of other cultures, ethnicities, and races. During the wake of the world learning about slain victim, Ahmaud Arbery. This book provides the tools for having some of these difficult discussions. “The Proudest Blue” can be complimentary to teaching about respecting Ramadan.

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