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"Allow me to reintroduce myself..." because "it's been a long time since I left you..."

Happy Women's HERstory Month! We have official made it to March 1st marking the third year in the month. We ended our February 28th, commemorating the legendary late, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in celebration of African Americans who have paved the way--- contributing significance to our country and even nations! It has been a challenging 2021, we have lost the iconic Cicely Tyson, we have weathered a horrific snowstorm leaving millions without electricity & water, in Texas. We have braved the change over of commander in chief (President Joe Biden & Dr. Jill Biden) of this great nation + acknowledging our first woman of color as a VP (Kamala Harris). Without hesitation we have challenged the election of black history being apart of history, so SAYETH Utah. Black excellence has prevailed once again, transcending our excellence into the very being of this great nation flowing with milk & honey and streets paved with opportunities.

Tear art created by hand @Counselor Bee

Paying tribute to author, Amanda Gorman

It has been an honor to celebrate Black History Month with my two sons + children within the two school systems. You may not truly understand how important you are as people, until you do not see someone that looks like you... therefore, I have taken it upon myself to explore the various beings of my students. Honoring them with stories such as "Malala's Magic Pencil," "Name Jar," "The Proudest Blue," and "Hair Love."

Here are few recommended books that you can now incorporate into this month that bring such electric vibrations to women! But before I mention other books, let me clear my throat... I will be releasing "Austin Speaks" in fall 2021. We will explore the importance of homelessness, autism, stealing, and ADHD in some picture books. Stay tuned as I start to unveil some of the plot + story line for Austin Speaks!

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Malala's Magic Pencil

What They Don't See: A Little Girl's Moment of Honesty

If Macaroni Could Talk

Hair with Flair

Wishing on a Star

The Proudest Blue

Eye's That Kiss in the Corners

Young Adult Reads


Monday's Not Coming

Black Girl Unlimited

The Gilded Ones: Deathless Book 1

Zikora: A Short Story

IDA: A Sword Among Lions

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