Book: "Ryder the Biter"

Meet my first character, Ryder! In this charismatic treatise, we climb through the various lessons that Ryder must master during a day in class. She is learning the importance of using her teeth....which is not exactly what her peers believe!? Through the use of witty play of words, Ryder is exploring her world, her upsets, her support, and her own boundaries. The catchy word play allows educators, parents, school counselors, therapists, speech pathologists, and preschool educators to focus on the importance of reinforcing a positive behavior to replace the negative behavior. "Ryder the Biter" was written with the purpose of sharing the importance of social emotional development and promoting the importance of family discussions in an appropriate tone with an illustrated book to support the conversation. Ryder can be your son, your daughter, your neighbor, your student, or you!

Background: Ryder

Ryder had a name and description before she was developed through beautiful illustrations.

According to APA (2011), "Toddlers need adults' help with labeling their feelings and reacting appropriately to them; it is also recommended to not associate the term "bad" but rather what is "correct" or "acceptable" for the toddler."

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