June Bug

It’s Gemini season ☯️ Singing Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” with close follow-up of Looking Glass’ Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)... of course I need to celebrate myself in a song! LOL

  • As the world finds a balance between a sense of normalcy and a sense of caution, I’ve been able to support small businesses during COVID19. Last month I was able to share a wonderful candle in celebration of Mother May blog. In commemorating my birth month, here is a harmonious body butter meant to soften and leave the skin with a light scent. The wonderful Jasmine body butter, by Meek Natural Beauty leaves a captivating & invigorating fragrance. Sometimes less can be best... this can be helpful with preserving your perfumes!

  • As I began to transition from the world of school counselor to full-time mom, there are some self-care items that become essential! Of course I’ve stumbled across this vegan, animal-free make-up line with awesome lipstick. The lipstick from The Lip Bar Crown Me, glides on like butter! I’m always looking for bright and vibrant lip colors! Pairing it with the smooth and fine point-tip pen from The Crayon Case’s Sharpie Me pen-liner is ammmmmazing!

  • Joke time: What’s a kidnappers favorite shoe? Van’s.

  • My new go-to-footwear has been Vans this year. Sometimes Vans can have a checkered past lol.

  • ‘It’s sweet and wears a crown... it’s a pineapple!

  • These superb rose gold Pineapple pens by Copper and Brass Paper Products are a great accessory to your home offices. Great subtle hint to remind you of your power and phenomenon. This is convenient for writing those future books the world is waiting to hear from you. If you were blessed to have the vision, then it’s meant for the world to hear. The twist at the tip reveals the pin but allows you to replace the ink as well.

  • Game-changer!!!

  • We’ve been using the Echo Dot to read stories to the boys, for their own little personal “Alexa...what is, where is, how do you!” This amazing tool allows us to send announcements, reminders, and alarms to the boys rooms. Of course it allows the boys to play their own little tunes. I think we’ve heard our fair share of The O’Jays, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber.

  • Book recommendation: Wishing on a Star

  • The insightful, yet breathtaking characters within this book are meant to be reflections of African American families. It’s arguably a rare and personal look inside my own hopes and wishes for unity among black and brown families. As providing a gift to the world, this book is dedicated to newborns, along with their parents everywhere with a timeless and sweet missive about premature babies, adoptive families, guardianship, rainbow & sunshine babies, and multiples. Although harmonious, with a gentle touch of humor and sensitivity, this is my gift to the world. #wishingonastar

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