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Upcoming Book in Fall 2020: "And You , Noah"

"And You, Noah" is a story about an African American boy, Noah & his family. Noah's first scene is capturing the bond between Noah and his MaDear (Grandmother). She is a silent character in the story, however her presence unveils the strength of her bond with Noah, her love, and the importance of understanding the past for the future. The story captures today's current events with paying respects to unity, the Black Lives Matter movement, compassion, and brotherhood. Noah is witnessing on the television and news the outpour of violence erupting around the world. He is so overcome with the emotions of sadness that he falls asleep but awakens in a dream of peace. Noah builds an ark against all odds, however Noah learns about his history and implores the help of his friends. He challenges us to look back in history with understand the shoulders in which we stand upon. Noah's courage pierces our souls with our understanding that sometimes even the rain can bring forth life!

Child Noah v Adult Noah: It is essential for children to have visions for themselves. It gives them a sense of purpose and security in this world. Here is a purposeful illustration of Noah being able to see himself as adult... with plans, purpose and provision. Noah's life purpose will crucial in guiding his behavior, his life decisions, his career, and help him create the meaning for his life and his legacy.

  • Spoiler Alert: Noah will see himself with his own wife and two sons. The irony of being judged in life is that Noah will spin this and actually become a Judge serving the people and evoking change.

Why did you add your son as co-author? It is my plan to add both of my sons to my next two publications. This will be purposeful investments for their futures.

What is the purpose of this literary work? Although February is Black History Month, it seems that there are not enough days to capture the true essence of African American history. Literature creates a space for us to embody our culture, our heritage, our legacy, and our melanin. My stories are meant to address the importance of mental wellness, the normalcy of a family unit, embracing love, compassion, and highlighting the importance of the educators. With that being said I am such the girl-fan when I see Althea from "In the Heat of the Night" and Dre from "The Chi" represent as School Counselor.

Illustrator: Miruniskaya (

Where can I order a copy? It will be available on IngramSpark (small businesses, bookstores, Etsy, and Amazon). All books (Ryder the Biter, Wishing on a Star, & And You, Noah are available for purchase from the author for autographed copy).

When will it be released to the public? "And You, Noah" will be released in November 2020. It will be the third book published during COVID-19. The second book published as an Indy.





Reminder: Please leave book reviews for your purchase of Ryder the Biter or Wishing on a Star

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