Behind the Book

Wishing on a Star

Available via IngramSpark, ReadwithMochaBoooks, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

Wishing on a Star has insightful, breathtaking images of vibrant characters within the African American family. Have you been able to see yourself? Your child? Positive images for expecting families.



Ryder the Biter

Available via Isabella Media, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

"Ryder the Biter is a must read and favorite in our home library! We love how the author thoughtfully crafted the story to make it relatable, connect with her reader and my son loves the interactive breathing exercises,"- Audrey Hinds (Author of Hair with Flair)



And You, Noah

Available for November 2020


" I am chosen. I am loved. In His presence, I am free. I know the change starts with me!"- excerpt from AND YOU, NOAH


If there’s one thing seven-year-old Noah knows, it’s that a single decision can change the entire legacy of one's family. As he challenges himself to be better, being the change he wishes to see.


Recent protests and injustices leading to Noah feeling dismay until he seeks refuge in his physical father and makes peace with his spiritual Father. Noah finds himself able to see his present and future. He knows that people often laugh when they do not understand his destiny. Noah also understands that although he is young, age is only a number in salvation. 


And You Noah, was written in one night after reflecting on the injustices and untimely deaths of several African Americans worldwide. It was meant to bring light to the nameless and give impact to the names accompanied by hashtags. We are more than just people of color, we have names, we have purpose, and we have a legacy to continue. In this short story, Noah foreshadows how he will become a court appointed official impacting lives that will be presented in his courtroom. Noah is the change.