'Always as busy as a bee' 

Counselor Bee

Brandi, Please share your story with us. How did you start writing?

Brandi Barnett as a children's author, a mom, a wife, the veteran, and the educator.

"I have been an avid reader and writer since the age of four. One the first books I fell in love with happened to be Matilda and Where the Wild Things Are!" Of course she mentioned amazing authors such as the late Cicely Tyson, Jason Reynolds, Nic Stone, Alice Walker, Bebe Campbell Moore and Toni Morrison. 

Born and raised in Macon, GA, and the only thing she loves more than watching In the Heat of the Night, This is Us, Black-ish, Insecure, and Law & Order, has been exploring being  a published author.


Last book read in February 2021, for her own pleasure would be "The Stars Beneath Our Feet," by David Barclay Moore but for guidance lessons, "Malala's Magic Pen" for Women's History Month. 

"Don't speak your fears into my plans," is the leading quote found on her social media page. She is currently an elementary School Counselor servicing more than 400+ students between two schools. 

"Ryder the Biter" was written to address and encourage those littles struggling with self-regulation resulting in biting others. Of course, biting is a reaction when overstimulated. 

"Wishing on a Star" is a sentimental African American baby memento for expecting families, to include adopted (adaptive) families, foster families, and growing families alike. 

"And You, Noah," is a call-to action written after the untimely death of many slain African Americans at the hands of excessive force. Written with the intent to incite personal conversations addressing unconscious biases, racism, injustices, and embracing differences in your fellow man. Look out for books addressing homelessness, ADHD, and autism, in 2021. 

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Children's Books Author

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Children's Books Author

Meet the Illustrator behind the vision

Miru + Brandi makes for a dynamic duo uniting Romania +  US

Miru is a junior graphic designer and illustrator originally from Romania, pursing her education in UK as a graphic communication. She is the digital creator behind images of RYDER THE BITER, WISHING ON A STAR, AND YOU NOAH, and her upcoming project THIS IS MY HOME.  Follow and email her: miruniskaya@yahoo.com

social emotional learning and empathy

What I would say to

5- year old brandi?

SPEAK UP! I would say.

Yet, Still we rise! Yet, Still I rise! Thank you to these beautiful words written by the late Dr. Maya Angelou. We are indeed descendants of Kings and Queens... we must charge full price because we are worth it. You are worth it!

As Brandi, I would tell five-year old Brandi to keep going. I would tell myself that your skin color does not limit your growth, your voice does not have to shake when its time to speak up, you matter, you have provision, you have talent, and you will rock! There is truly something great down on the inside and it will radiate through your two sons! You are not your mistakes. You will get up. You will rise.And your surroundings will never box you in!

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