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Brandi Barnett was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. As a child, her very own library card was a must-have, and has now evolved into her becoming an author in those libraries and many more across the world. Without a doubt, her love for books has remained constant from childhood to adulthood. After being married, becoming a mom of 2 boys and graduating with her Masters in School Counseling from American Military University, she began to write children’s stories from her perspective as a School Counselor and parent. She has used her skills, knowledge, experience and curiosity as a means of communicating to parents that they are not alone! She started with the intention of filling in the void she noticed: the majority of children’s books did not address the importance of her fellow educators such as the School Counselor, School Psychologist, Administrators, Office Manger, School Nurse, Speech Pathologist, and the Special Education team.


Ryder the Biter was her first children’s book, illustrated by Miruniskaya available at It was loosely based on some of the physical appearance of her first niece, but with fictionalized events to highlight how frustrating it can be as the parent of a biter, and to help parents (and other educators) understand the importance of teaching replacement behaviors and proper coping skills. After receiving such a positive response to Ryder the Biter, she began to write other books highlighting topics and scenarios that (in her experience as a School Counselor) parents and children find difficult to navigate. As an author, parent, and military veteran, Brandi strives to bring awareness to difficult topics, and breathe real life into characters, making them relatable and believable.


Available now: Ryder the Biter & Wishing on a Star

Upcoming: And You, Noah


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and you, Noah

Hebrew: תיבת נח‎

And You, Noah was written for such a time as this, during a time as this.  Noah, an African American boy embarking on being the very thing he wishes to see in the world... change. And You, Noah was the statement that resounded through my body for this book! And You, Noah are not forgotten. And You, Noah have done well. And You, (fill in your name) have done well, or have you?

I felt it was important to capture Noah: past, present and future.

Noah has a dream, in that "dream" it inspires him to build an ark.  Funny how everyone laughed at Noah, until the flood began... funny how that works! After awakening from his dream, he realizes that change can be individual and/or collective as an unity. He leans on his brotthren... Asian American, Native American, Indian, Muslim, Caucasian, and multicultural friends. 

Noah was written from frustration  of countless unarmed African Americans losing their lives on live television... it has been a hard journey as a parent to figure out what to teach my sons. Using your voice can cost you your life versus not using your voice can cost you your life. So, I decided to put pen to paper to express how one person can change the world. How will your legacy be when all you have left are the date of birth and day of death?- Brandi Barnett

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Beautiful book about pregnancy, birth, newborns, motherhood, fatherhood and even lifelong parenting. Very insightful and touching. The illustrations are colorful, heartwarming and inspiring. Any parent, parent to be, or even grandparent will feel an immediate connection to this book. This would also be a great book for a young reader who has a sibling on the way. Wonderful all the way through.


 Sweet ode to the love for a child

We all wish for our children- and what ever they are we find they are our dreams come true. This melodic book talks about how a parents wishes come true to have you, yes you, baby, whomever you are!


Changing the world for our next generation 

I can’t believe how amazing this book is for our next generation. As a school teacher, teaching our students social emotional learning skills and techniques on building strong relationships first with themselves and then others is vital for our children’s academic and behavior growth towards proficiency. I ordered five copies due to the response I received for not only my own children, but my colleagues as well. I highly recommend any teacher, parent, counselor, and yoga instructor to support author Brandi Barnett as she has blessed us all with such a powerful tool to enhance our children’s self-regulation skills starting from within so they can be our positive and most effective prolific leaders of tomorrow.

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